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Journey to the Impoverished

Journey to the Impoverished


Father Sun gives Way to Mother Moon more Quickly Now,

Each Passing day Signals a time Closer to Renewal.

Barren Trees Shiver in the Night’s Cold Winds.

Candles warm Lonely Hearts as they Flicker in the Shadows.

The Scent of Pine brings back Revised Memories of Holiday Gatherings.

Truth brings Sadness to so Many.

Where did the Holy Go in this Season of Giving?

Those that Ring the Bell Possess a Sense of Emptiness.

Man’s Divine Quest to Find Joy in Opulence Continues.

Delusions of the Five Senses infect even the Most Religious.

Faithful Humans listen to Messages from the Saintly,

Only to find their Separation from the Sacred Greater than Before.

The Distance between the Pious and the Deprived Narrows.

True Grace becomes the Savior in Desperate Impatient Times.

Winter Brings the Chance for Rebirth.

The Holy requires Nothing of Us despite Our asking Everything of Them.

We Awaken Empty as the Sun Rises.

We Consciously Depart from the Responsibility of Independence.

Receive the Gift of Freedom from Those who have Imprisoned you.

Receive the Gift of Authenticity from Those who have Judged you.

Receive the Gift of Courage from Those who have Frightened you.

Receive the Gift of Truth from Those who have Lived the Lie.

Where Did the Holy Go in this Season of Giving?

The Holy made the Journey to the Impoverished.


Kevin S. "Kiki" Merigian © January 2017

Posted by Kevin Merigian at 12:20 PM
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