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Sunshine filters Through Branches and Leaves.

A trail of Light that Warms the Crisp Cool Air.

It takes a Forest to rear a Tree.

Alone, Trees are Void of Fate.

No Impediments to Hatch from a Seed.

No Soil Obstacles to Grow through.

No Barriers to Stunt a Sapling's Growth.

Woodlands provide Much for the Gaia.

            Light Forms Dance in the Sunlight.

            Basking as they Perform a Mysterious Ballet.

            Constant reminders That the Universe has Order.

            Chaos is a Subgroup of Universal Harmony.

            Patterns Iterate from a Complex Divine Formula.

            Mere Variations on a Theme.

            A Maze, A Leaf, Braches from a Trunk of a Tree,

            Trees in a Forest, Honeycombs, Ant Colonies

            Rivers, Blood Vessels, Street Maps, Flowers, Villages

            Human Relationships.

                        All are Fractals.

An Unprotected Woman desires Peace, Quiet and Isolation.

She desires to Respond to her World with Absence.

As the Rescuer, She cannot Separate from Caring for Those

Who have No Regard for Her.

            Give me Another Mountain to Climb.

            Show me Another Hurricane to Walk Through.

            Battle me on Death Ground again.

            Blow out My Candle of Genuineness.

            I'll be There in your Darkest Hour.

She has Rarely seen anyone in their Finest Hour.

Her Finest Hour has Yet to Unfold.

            A Candle without a Flame is the same as

            A Woman without an Authentic Spirit.

                        Iterations of the Same Source Equation.

            Will She Ever Find Love in a Separate Space?

            As Fate Continues, New Opportunities will Arrive.

                        Iterations of the Same Source Equation.


Kevin S. "Kiki" Merigian © October 2016

Posted by Kevin Merigian at 11:10 AM
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