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Insane Intimacy

Insane Intimacy

She could See the Light.
It Sparkled between the Tragedies and Joys
Of her Chaotic Life.
Fate is a Precarious Adventure.
One Random event Gives way to Another.
Those that Chime and Ring True
Continue until Deafness Settles In.
There is Always a Beginning, Middle and End.
Iterations of the Finite gives way to The Infinite.

The Mind of True Knowledge Permeates
All Life Regardless of Form.
It Seeks to Find the Receptive,
Openness with Innocence;
Freedom with Responsibility;
Trust with Enlightenment.

When She was Wretched,
She Crawled Away from the Light.
When She was Desperate,
She Doubted the Light.
When She was Impoverished,
She Attempted to Buy the Light.

The Inauthentic Common Working Dog
Cares Only for the Wage.
The Uninformed Wealthy believe
They have Dominion over the Light.
The Light does not Court Evil.
Greed Fills the Heart of the Empty Soul.
Guilt Burns Away any Dream of the Future.
Shame Scars the Spirit of the Damned.

The Wall of Inauthenticity Stands High
In the Fortress of the Right Hand Path.
Hierophants Stand Tall to Guard the Road In.
If She has the Courage, She will Cast Away
Their False Truths, Never Bowing to Them.
If She Does Not Change,
She will only Inherit the Emptiness that
The Dignified Leave Behind.

When She Steps into the Darkness
Of the Left Hand Path,
The Light will Shine Brighter than the Sun.
Her Naked Body will Glisten and feel Warm.
Her Soul will Find Liberty
In spite of the Limits of Her Flesh.
Under the Influence of the Moon,
The Touch of another Will Excite Her,
The Voice of Another Will Soothe Her.
She will Finally Know the Light
That Only an Insane Intimacy can Bring.

And the Light will Finally Know Her.

Kevin S. "Kiki" Merigian © February 2016
Posted by Kevin Merigian at 9:40 AM
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