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Inherit The Earth

Inherit The Earth

As you Scream about Injustice, No One can Hear You.
The Holy War has Ended for Now.
Compassion has been defeated by Greed in All of its Forms.
Prisoners were Taken Far Off Shore,
Dropped off on the Island of Despair.
No food, no Water, no Shelter.
The Impoverished were Chained to Tree Stumps,
Fundamentalists Hoping that They would Starve to Death.
No more Resources were to be Wasted on Those who
Were born to Less Fortunate Circumstance.

Can you Imagine a World where People
Will be Vaccinated to Prevent being Poor?
Who will Sew Clothes?
Who will Care for the Infirm?
Who will Collect the Garbage?
Who will Manicure Mother Nature?
Who will Sweep the Cathedral's Floor?
Who will Worship God?
Who will Need Jesus?

Fear Not those who Desecrate the Poor,
For They will Become the Modern Poor.
They will Embody Arrogance.
They will Embrace Ignorance.
They will Promote Disease.
They will Be Infertile.
They will Die in the Desert of Isolation.

The Resurrection of the Divine
Will Take Root in the Humble Prisoners Living
On the Island of Despair
Mankind will Serve Mankind Again.
Greed will no Longer Dance With the Devil in the Pale Moonlight.
The Lowly will Again reclaim the Gaia.
And the Meek will Inherit the Earth.

Kevin S. "Kiki" Merigian© March 2016
Posted by Kevin Merigian at 1:54 PM
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