The Stone Institute

I miss you

I want to know where you are.
I remember you as my torch.
Your warmth makes me feel safe.
Your skin is soft and your hands are tender.
When fear made me cry,
You held me close.
I remember your smile.
You laughed when I laughed. Images of your kindness and love.
Watching you made me happy.
Awakening to your face every morning brought the new day.
We watched the sun come up and the moon return.
You always had time to see.
The scent of a seraph.
I could hold you and your special smell.
Falling asleep in your arms.
You are always my heart.
God find my Angel with Golden Wings.
Let her know I miss her.
I wait by the window knowing she will return.
At night, I visit her in my dreams.
We dance to her favorite music.
We paste pictures on the wall and draw together.
The cold doesn’t bother me.
Her silken nightgown sleeps with me.
I have to go now.
I miss you.

Posted by Kevin Merigian at 9:51 AM
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