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I am my Child’s Mother, I am my Child’s Father.

I am my child’s mother,
I am my child’s father.

We wonder what new challenges lay ahead.
His birth was a miracle from God.
How do we give life once the child is born?
If we make him shameful, he will become a victim.
If we make him feel guilty, he will become a prisoner.
If we punish him, he will feel judged.
If we lie to him, he will become dishonest.
If we hit him, he will learn violence.
If we give him everything, he will have nothing.

I am my child’s mother,
I am my child’s father.

If we give him freedom, he will learn responsibility.
If we give him praise, he will become strong.
If we lift him up, he will learn to fall, but not fail.
If we watch him learn, he will become patient.
If we make him meals, he will be nourished.
If we show him Light, he will see in the Dark.
If we love him with no conditions, he will love himself without conditions.
Even the smallest seed grows through the toughest soils.
Each day brings success, as the seedling reaches for the sun.
We will help our child grow through time,
And we will help him to live in accord with Nature.

Kevin S. “Kiki” Merigian © 5 January 2013

Posted by Kevin Merigian at 9:48 AM
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