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Holy Magic

Holy Magic

The Origin of Nothingness Creates our Cosmic Beginning.

The Sun gives Rise to Fire and Air.

The Moon gives Birth to the Water and Earth.

Heaven is Hidden in Mystery.

Nature Knows no Mercy.

She is Absolute in Her Judgment.

Solar Power does not Exit at dusk.

It Disappears to Give Rise to the Night.

He Returns to Usher in New Hope during the Dawn.

The Darkness Leaves after it Exhausts its Grip on our Imagination.

The Red Vulture Queen perches High on the Tree of Life.

She rescues Those who were Left Behind by the Valkyrie.

Where is the Harmony of God?

Celebrate every shape of Love Possible.

Pour Joy upon your Soul.

Drink as much as Possible from the Fountain of Creation.

Follow your Heart as it Calls to your Spirit.

Wander alone Under the Hermit’s Lantern.

Know You are Safe.

Make Time to Converse with your Guardian Angels often.

Only Violence is Found when Defending the Right Hand Path in the Human Shadows.

Resort to Holy Magic on your Day of Birth.

Illumination from Within will Change your Path.


Kevin S. “Kiki” Merigian, © February 2017

Posted by Kevin Merigian at 12:06 PM
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