The Stone Institute




Many suns Set in the West.

She walks away from the Setting Suns to Avoid the Heat.

Never realizing the East is Void of Self.

Generous Patrons ask Her to Open her Life.

Not Patrons in the Land of Commerce,

Patrons who are Disguised as her Friends.

Allies Espousing that They have Her Best Interest at Heart.

They Live without Peace in Their Spirit.

Misery seeks out Misery.

They will not Rest until She is Separated from Love.

Her Companions Are Energized by her Confusion.

She sits and Ponders about who is Truthful.

Different words, Different worldviews, Different Lives.

Shoes in a Shoe Box hidden Deep in a Closet.

Truth is Relative to Those Proclaiming Truth.

Novelty allows for Soulful Change.

Being open to Novelty Expands her Morality.


The Forest of Mankind spies the Descent of the Suns.

Darkness brings the Demons who Challenge the Unstable.

Light shines in the Darkness when the Self Proclaims Victory.

Light the Candles Lining the Left Hand Path.

The Dignified will not Notice the Candlelight.

They are Preoccupied with the Shadows, shunning Enlightenment.

Deny those who Judge you Harshly,

For they are Chained to the Throne of a Paradise Lost.

Uriel owns their Soul, guiding them on the Right Hand Path.

Fear not Brave Woman, Redemption will Rejuvenate your Soul.

You will be Forever Joy filled walking Barefooted and Naked

In Epiphany in the Land of Authenticity.


Their Voices will Fade as you Walk Farther away.

Silence will Soon fill the Air.

And the Unholy will again Weep in the Barren Lands of Helplessness,

Looking for Another Victim, Walking on Their way in Accord with Their Soul.


Kevin S. "Kiki" Merigian, © September 2016

Posted by Kevin Merigian at 10:08 AM
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