The Stone Institute


There is Darkness beyond the Horizon.
Game and Weather remain Invisible.
Intentions are Untold.
Dispositions are Secret.
Hide from the Sharpest of Intellects.
Knowledge is Fleeting.
Movements are Subtle.
Time passes in Front.
Position Changes Behind.
Sundials sell Moments.
Know the Distance.
Find the Oasis between the Grains.
Stay the Path.
Carve the Column.
Tension is Necessary to Grow.
Conflict finds the Peaceful.
Chaos finds the Reasonable.
Confusion finds the Orderly.
Heat finds the Cold.
Fear finds the Secure.
Exposure finds the Concealed.
Evil finds the Innocent.
Abandonment finds the Intimate.
Journey to the Boneyard.
Walk between the Gravestones.
Pray for Sanity.
There is Darkness beyond the Horizon.
Kevin S. “Kiki” Merigian © March 2018
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