The Stone Institute

Fate or Randomness

She Reached down and Touched the Earth on which She Stood.
She Took Hold of Those things that were Dear To Her.
She Cast Them into the Wind, Knowing they would Scatter.
Would the Raven still Find his way Back from the Unsullied?
The Rains came Again and Washed most of the Soil Away.
She Stood Alone at the Precipice of Another Life.
The Past would not Matter, the Future would be Unknown.
She wondered if She could Hold his Hand when Her Knight Rode to Her?
Would She Be Able to Withstand the Strong Winds of the Past
Blowing through Her thoughts of the Present?
Was it Possible that She could even Believe that She Could Experience Love?
The Night Rider came in Black and Gold.
He Carried the Golden Crow as his Coat of Arms.
His horse Galloped Faster As he Rode into her Dream.
He Did Not Care about the Past or the Future.
He was a Champion of the Present.
He Held no Favors, He Held no Debts.
He only Wanted to Hold Her in his Arms.
She Awoke to Find Love a Dream.
A Feeling she had Never Felt Before.
She Committed herself to Find that Feeling.
A Love that could Lift her From her Past,
A Love that could Hold her When She was Sad,
A Love that could Sooth her Heartache,
A Love that Could Be with Her.
No Expectations with Every Expectation.
She looks forward to her Slumber.
For in that World, She Has Hope.
Her Fate has Made the Left Hand Turn.
Her Destiny is Hidden by the Veil.
Was it Fate or Randomness?
Her Soul Does Not Care.

Kevin S. Merigian© July 2016


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