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Fade In Time

Fade In Time

The Breeze Knocks Gently as the Sun Rises.
Uncertainty fills her Mind as She takes her First Step.
The Clouds have Followed her for Many Years.
Thunder Claps and Lightening Strikes Were Common.
Towers collapsing, Fire Raging, The Agony of Chance.
There was no Rest in the Darkness of Doubt.
Universal Laws do not Guide
Those who Cannot Understand Them.
The Power of Possibility is Lost when
The Risk of Anguish Affects Each Possible Action.
There is Numbness Drenched with Desire.
Move to the Right and Experience the Path of Complacency.
Move to the Left and Experience the Trail of Tears.
Each with its Invaluable Lessons.
With Either Choice, Mercy does not Exist in Nature.
The Jungle is a Place of Finality.
Only Man Tries to Cooperate with
Their Projections of Nature. All Nature.

It is not Simple to Follow your Heart.
It is not Simple to Follow your Mind.
It is not Simple to Follow your Soul.
Living is Hard.

Let the Shower of Life Cleanse you.
Feel the Force of the Taming of the Tiger Within.
Walk Quietly amongst Those Who are Ignorant.
For as Long as You are Silent,
You are Invisible.
And your Suffering will Fade in Time.

Kevin S. "Kiki" Merigian© September 2015
Posted by Kevin Merigian at 11:20 AM
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