The Stone Institute


The Battle Continues.
Take Hold of Your Words.
Sacred Vows hold Through Earthquakes.
Some Bonds cannot be Broken.
Time does not Heal Emotional Unrest.
Good Deeds seldom Scrape off the Scabs.
Golden Gifts seer The Heart with Doubt.
Worthiness is Replaced with Worthlessness.
Ego Transforms into a Shadow of Vice.
A Soldier for the Dark Side Emerges.
A Mission to Right a Wrong,
That was Never Wrong.
Malicious Spirits come in Many Silhouettes.
They Linger in the Underbelly of Disturbed Minds.
The Wicked Prey on Those who Have No Soul.
They Smoke the Cigarette that Poisons their Temple.
They Drink the Foul Nectar of Rotten Fruit.
Decrepitude Gives Shelter to Their Unbalanced Survival.
The Tribe of Aversion draws Those Who Hate.
Their Members are Destructive without a Consciousness.
Nothing means Anything to Them.
Beams of Virtuous Light blind Them.
The Sword of Righteousness Cuts their Flesh.
The Good Steward’s Pen shatters their Voice.
Establishing Order in Chaos Repulses the Rogues.
The Climate of Renovation Denies the Rats a Home.
The Battle Continues.
Embrace the Path to Serenity.
Integrity Exceeds Duplicity.
These Dreadful Parasites Will Abandon the Fight.
They’ll Leave Their Swords in the Street.
Darkness will Find another Host.
Kevin S. “Kiki” Merigian © January 2019
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