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Desert of Life

Desert of Life

Another step in the sand.
You wonder naked aimlessly
Through the Desert of Life.
Alone in the scorching Sun.
Your needs unsupported by the Barren environment.
Hunger stopped days ago.
Thirst consumes you.
Chilling voices cry in your hallucinatory mind.
You cannot breathe without agony.

Why take another step?
What's so important about another breath?
Another step in the sand.
The Will to Survive is the Essence of Existence.
Perhaps the Edge of Salvation is near.
Over the next Dune, or the next.
Hundreds of Acres of Dunes.
Endless Micro-Particles of Silica.

A Voice Crackles like Lightening from the Heavens.
Let the Rain Begin!
Gigantic drops of cold clear blue water drench your body.
Streams give way to Creeks.
Creeks give way to Rivers.

You Will Eat!
Fish jump from the rivers.
Grapevines emerge with Ripened Fruit.
Rice grows in the Wetlands.

You Will Have Shelter!
Stones Pile-Up into walls.
Walls support a Thatch Roof.
Doors shut out the Cold.

The Voice Crackles loudly again.
Beyond water, Beyond food, Beyond shelter,
What Three Needs Remain to be Fulfilled?

You stand naked, wet, fed and safe.
Life continues with every Heartbeat.

You consider Wealth a need.
Fortunes attract unhealthy sycophants.
Charity is absent in the Desert.

You consider Power a need.
There is nothing to Govern in the Desert.
Politics cannot grow out of the Ancient Sands of Time.

You consider Law a need.
The Desert has its own Enforcement.
Nature has no Rules, only Man creates them.

You take another step in the sand.
Your naked skin Glistens in the Bright Radiant Sun.

You announce to the Desert.
Authenticity. I must be Myself.
The Desert renders no Judgments.

You announce to the Desert.
Experience Life. I must experience the Sorrow of Living.
The Desert knows no Mercy.

You announce to the Desert.
Expression. I must show others what I Know.
The Desert yearns for the Energy of Creation.

Another step in the sand.
Exposed, You wonder to your Destiny
Through the Desert of Life.
Judge for the Fit-of-Need not for the Righteousness.

Kevin S. "Kiki" Merigian© April 2015
Posted by Kevin Merigian at 1:08 PM
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