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Death of Hypatia

Death of Hypatia


Walk with Her, a Great Woman of the Mind.

In an Ancient World where Women

Were Considered no More than Common Dogs.

Traded for Money, Sold for Food.

Numbers are Timeless Entities.

Some believed They were Owned by Savage Christian Men.

She was a Delicate Woman.

Hypatia of Alexandria Bore no Children,

She was Married to Diophantus' Arithmetica.

Pythagoras came Before Her, Paved the Way.

Plato came Before Her, Paved the Way.

 She was Independent of the Physical World.

A Dream to Those who could See her Beauty.

A Nightmare to Those who were Blind.


The Warmth of the March Sunshine

Bathed the Flowers who had Found Freedom.

Christian Zealots empowered by Demons Seized Her.

They Sharpened Sea Shells as They

Sentenced Her To Death.

Naked she stood, She Had no Defense.

They Scraped her Flesh from Her Bones.

Burned her Dismembered Body Parts to Ash.

All that Remained was her Unsolved Question:

x - y = a and x2 - y2 = (x - y) + b


Not all of Jesus' Followers were Sacred or Tolerant.

Some Wore his Cross as Approval

To Destroy the Magnificence of Nature.

Only the Afterlife Understands Justice.

Hypatia Lives Everlasting Wedded to the Truth.


Kevin S. "Kiki" Merigian © January 2017

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