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Death and Resurrection

Death and Resurrection

As the Graveyard Watchman Gathered the People,
He loudly Proclaimed the World was Doomed.
He fed Fear to Every Hungry Belly.
People Ravenously Ate Tales of Terror,
Finishing their Meals with Despair and Desperation.
His Lantern shed Light, But it was Dim and Polluted.
Rhetoric had Replaced Wisdom.
Greed had Replaced Charity.
Jealousy had Replaced Contentment.
Guilt had Replaced Innocence.
Shame had Replaced Honor.
Corruption had Replaced Honesty.

From out of the Fog of the Promulgator's Distortions came
A Princess of Genuine Order.
Mother Nature Danced in the Pale Light of the Watchman's Lantern.
She did not Care that Her People had Lost their Way.
They were No Longer a part of Her with Their Distorted Worldviews:
Corrupted by Religion, Restricted by Convention and Chained
To a Carriage Traveling on the Right Hand Path.
Her Flowing Long Golden Yellow Hair was Soothing and Pure.
Her Penetrating Green Eyes gazed Through the Ignorance of the Masses.
Her Naked Body was Invisible to Those who Watched her.

She Proclaimed:
When Evil no Longer Fears Good,
And the Good no Longer Speaks Out Against Evil,
When Cruel no Longer Fears Kindhearted,
And the Kindhearted no Longer Speaks Out Against the Cruel,
When Brutality no Longer Fears Gentleness,
And the Gentle no Longer Speaks Out Against the Brutal,
When Violence no Longer Fears Peacefulness,
And the Peaceful no Longer Speaks Out Against the Violent,
Then Death is not Just One Way to Reclaim that which is Lost,
It is the Only Way.

She Continued:
As the Leaves Lose Their Usefulness and Fall,
A Certain Fate Awaits them as they Melt into the Ground.
Degradation Reconditions the Soil which Nourishes the Tree.
Foliage always Returns to The Roots of Oneness with the All.

The Lion must Feast on the Lamb.
Just like The Eagle must Feast on the Squirrel.
But Man must never Feast on Man.
The Community of Man has Fallen beneath Nature.
The Meek will Survive and Inherit the Earth.

She Finished and Climbed on the Back of a Raven.
They Took to the Darkness without a Trace of Direction.

The Watchman Returned to His Tower above the Graveyard.
He Hung his Lantern High above the Buried Bodies.
He Disrespectfully Guarded Death in all of its Forms.
People Headed Home.
The Evil, Cruel, Brutal and Violent Preyed on
The Good, Gentle, Kindhearted and Peaceful.
Mother Nature watched from High Above,
Noticing the Disturbances in the Balance of Power.
She Prepared the Gaia for its Death and Resurrection.

She Had No Choice.

Kevin S. "Kiki" Merigian © February 2016
Posted by Kevin Merigian at 10:42 AM
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