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Dark Night of the Soul

Some might call the Moon the Gateway to Resurrection.
Pisces is the last stage of winter.
It’s a cold, bitter, lifeless season that gives birth to spring.
The Moon also labors to deliver the Sun.
She is the Queen of Midnight.
An Egyptian Khephra clinches the Sun in his silence.
The Moon rises between two deserted and desperate mountains.
They are the entrance to the Cosmic Valley.
The gap between them captures her blood tinged tears.
Twenty four drops of pure blood originates the River of Life.
As she peaks, she links the Divine with the Human.
As she disappears she warns of witchcraft.
She is the poison of the shadow lands that transforms to the Light.
Princess Tabu guards the path of Enlightment.
No one shall cross before they’ve journeyed through the Dark Night of the Soul.
Two black empty monstrous Towers of Fear protect the Mystery.
Unconquerable courage is needed to begin the journey.
Only intuition can guide the initiate in the Land with no Light.
Moonlight may be deadlier than the darkness itself.
Silence is wounded by the howling of wild creatures.
The jackal God of Khem prowls the night.
He searches for carcasses that have succumbed to infectious Greed.
Anubis stands upon the threshold.
This is the threshold of Life.
This is the threshold of Death.
The choice is theirs alone to make.
All is intoxicating.
Not the solar exhilaration of Bacchus,
But the dreadful madness of pernicious tonics and elixirs.
A loss of reality sets into the Unconsciousness.
A victim of the venom of the Moon.
The Dark Night of the Soul inflicts horror.
Vines of loathing strangulate even the bravest of hearts.
Imaginary Terrors infect the psyche.
Dawn rescues the abolished mind.
Morning temporarily imprisons the uninvited trespassers of the night.
Some call the Moon the Gateway to resurrection.
Ride the stream of Tears.
Amazing is the Adventure.

Kevin S. “Kiki” Merigian © 18 May 2010

Posted by Kathryn Edmonds at 4:14 PM
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