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Courage to Stand Alone

Do you have the courage to stand alone in a world of Self?
Nature is an exquisite marriage of form and function.
Our senses signal shifts in Nature.
Feelings give way to emotions.
Emotions fuel the Heart.
The Self is honored only when it connects
To its genuine character.

Indoctrination is the enemy of experience.
Its Army of Ideas conquers the essence of Life.
Imprisoning it into categories of what should and what shouldn’t be: A social hierarchical system of linear Justice that
Removes truthfulness.

Can anyone escape?

What is necessary to have a change for the Heart?
Authenticity is all that is needed.
Fertile Authenticity: A soil for truthfulness to grow.
Sacrifice all unimportant matters.
A drought of drama brings life to a starving and shrunken Soul.
In the Quiet, stand proud and shout beliefs.
Let them echo in the Canyons of Wisdom.
Over and over the dogma reverberates until it disintegrates.
Surround one’s freedom and responsibility with Standing Rock.

No one will climb to trespass.

Harness the Power of No:
Row through the sticky, gooey Swamps of Obligation.
Release Relationships formed out of duty, comfort and despair: Family and Friend alike.
Torch the Devil Card.

Do not be afraid to stand at the Altar of Social Injustice.
Hierophants watch as Peacocks dance and spread their Feathers of Deception.
Truthfulness is always sacrificed.
Stay in accord with Mother Nature.
The ground will not crumble.
The Sun will shine.
The Rain will nourish the Land.
The Full Moon will return.

Do you have the courage to stand alone in a world of Self?
Discard the Mask and discover:
You have always been alone.

Mask or not.

Kevin S. “Kiki” Merigian © 3 September 2012

Posted by Kathryn Edmonds at 3:49 PM
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