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But Where?

But Where?

A High Pitched Screech Echoed
Throughout The Forest.
The Red Tailed Hawk Floated Effortlessly
On the Warm Southern Winds.
Spring had not Arrived yet.
Rodents were Without Shelter,
As the Hawk looked for Prey.

The Raven Perched on a Barren Limb.
Looking for Something Shining
To add to His Collection.
He body Stayed still as his Head Turned on a Swivel.
The Warm Winds Ruffled his Feathers.
He did not Lose Focus.

Unsuspecting Squirrels Foraged for Acorns.
Darting Tails in the Bright Sunlight.
A Signal to the Hawk High Above the Trees.
The Raven Watched Quietly as the Drama Unfolded.
There is No Mercy in Nature.
Life gives Way to Life.
The Hawk Dove to Snatch a Squirrel.

Chance Somehow made the Squirrel Jump.
The Hawk's talons Missed the Squirrel.
The Squirrel Scampered to the Tree.
Up, Up, Up, and Safe.
The Hawk Flew Away Discouraged.
The Raven Smiled and Laughed.

Nature's Mother Pulled a String.
Fate Changes in Seconds.
Fortune Alters in Minutes.
Providence Transforms in Days.
But Destiny Is Inescapable.
The Raven Flew Off.
There will be a Glittering Object Somewhere else.

But Where?

Kevin S. "Kiki" Merigian © March 2016
Posted by Kevin Merigian at 11:40 AM
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