The Stone Institute

Betty Rowan

She was not who she was when I met her.
A thin, frail woman needing a cane,
She walked with a delicate gait,
Not too fast, not too slow.
Her Life had been about children and family,
And then about flowers.
She wove magic with blossoms, greenery and stems.
Her health betrayed her body not long ago.
She could not breathe for awhile.
She could not stand for awhile.
She could not eat for awhile.
She could not dream for awhile.
But she came back to breathe, stand, eat and dream again.
“I love you!” She shouted with strength.
She was once more proud and brave.
She stood smiling with sparkling eyes.
Hug me some more she said, it feels so good.
She worried about us, for she knew the Lord was near.
She cared about our pain not hers.
She cared about our agony when she passed.
She dropped her heavy physical burden at Heaven’s gate,
And she walked liberated into Eternity.
She swam in the crystal blue pool of Holy Water.
She rolled down the hills of Gardenias.
She danced in the garden of moon fed Roses of all colors and sizes.
And she took God’s hand in Grace.

Our pain is soothed by her everlasting Love she gave us.
Our agony is lessened by our memories left behind.
She was not who she was when I met her.
A thin, frail woman needing a cane to walk.
I am not who I was when I met her either.
I am more blessed than ever
To have been touched by her Heart.
I Love You, Always.
Thank you for picking me to give you a hug.

Kevin S. “Kiki” Merigian © 21 April 2013

Posted by Kathryn Edmonds at 4:41 PM
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