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Be Their Last

Be Their Last


Have you Ever tried to Walk as Far Away from Love as Possible?

You can Never Reach a State-Of-Mind Far enough Away to be Safe.

Ours is Both a Familiar and Unfamiliar Destiny.

In every Iteration, there is a Different Charity.

In every Echo, there is a Different Voice.

Standing in the Densest Crowd We Dream alone, All Alone.

Our Heart’s best Wishes have long been Reduced to Ash.

There is No Chance of finding Just a Sliver of Our lost Ribs.

Life is Obscured by a Thick Layer of Contaminated Human Self-Centeredness.

The Mantra of Lost Maidens fades as they Struggle to find Themselves again.

They are All so Self-Similar.

It is not Connecting to Their Authenticity that is the Dilemma.

They have Never been Lost. They have been Oppressed.

It is the They that they are Trying to Extinguish.

They dislike who They are.

They dislike what They have created.

They sit naked on the banks of the Channel of Illusion,

As Bait for Those who are Blinded by the Radiance of Hope.

Life’s Cold and Raging Rivers are Crossed only by the Bravest Fools.

There is Never enough Time to Completely Dry.

They do not Pray to the Divine for Deliverance.

The Supreme Universal Power has no Commitment to Mankind’s Salvations.

It provided Impassive Spirits to Tend the Garden of Humanity.

Fleeting moments of Joy are Overshadowed by

The Constant Instability of Selfish Emotion.

Those who Appear Open are actually Closed.

Those who Appear Receptive are actually Hostile.

Those who are Rescued will Ultimately Drown their Rescuer.

There is a Divine Episodic Rhythm in the Agonies of Death.

Perchance the Next Frigid Rapids They Traverse will be Their Last.


Kevin S. “Kiki” Merigian© 15 December 2010; edited January 2017

Posted by Kevin Merigian at 11:42 AM
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