The Stone Institute

Barren Trees

Sunshine pushed the dawn to morning,
As it illuminated the silhouettes of the barren trees.
White delicate snow covered the small and simple green.
Cold winds peeled the sense of heat from my body.
My Soul felt the warmth of another time.
Cerebral landscapes of silver and gold echoed my aloneness.
Finding the place where water flows is more difficult than ever.
Dance in the glow of the Winter's Yang.
Listen to the songs of distant ancestors rejoicing in Peace.
There is a clearing ahead.
I will miss the soft lovely breasts I found to wipe my tears.
This pain is but a dream in my tortured heart.
The illusion of another loss haunts me as I weep.
There are no flowers to watch the sun fade.
This day will pass and the darkness will again erase my fears.
Tomorrow I will find another place to lay my thoughts.
They are safe in the episodes of the living.

Kevin S. “Kiki” Merigian © Winter 2014

Posted by Kathryn Edmonds at 4:33 PM
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