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I am Awakened To the Musical Harmony of Emptiness.

I wonder What and Why?

With each Sound of Noise and Movement Without,

I wonder What and Why?

How can I Stop it from Happening?

What would Happen if I Did or if I Didn’t and Could?

All Things are Possible, What is Most Probable?

How Do my Actions or Inaction Contribute to each Outcome?

Are Actions the Manifestations of Consciousness?

There is No Divide between the Unconscious and Conscious.

Knowing sows Seeds for More Knowing.

Do you Remember when you Remembered?

In the life of another, I Remembered.

I cannot Help but to Help you Remember.

Stop, Look, Listen and Feel the Moment.

Know this Place Over and Over.

Do you Remember when you Remembered?

Deep inside.

I find the Awareness of Your Love.

Do you see Me watching Me?

I see Me watching You watching You.

I watch Myself watch Myself.

The Unobserved Observer.

As you Look at Me, you See through Me.

The more Visible I am to You,

The more Transparent I Become.

It is Only My Love for You that You see.

It is Only the Love for You that I Am.


Kevin S. "Kiki" Merigian © July 2017

Posted by Kevin Merigian at 10:55 AM
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