The Stone Institute

As he smiles

As he smiles he shows his soul.
He is unlike any other man.
How long can you keep him down?
What is important to most humans is no value to his essence.
He looks with his eyes,
But he sees with his heart.
He hears with his ears,
But he listens with his emotions.
He touches with his hands,
But he feels with his spirit.
He inhales with his nose,
But he breathes with his consciousness.
He thinks about his future,
But he discriminates with his past
As he walks amongst the people,
There is a superficial connection.
When he speaks of the world,
Most think they understand.
As he watches others pass,
He feels the pain of their mortality.
They struggle to live in a five-sensory world.
Few recognize their journey is beyond.
Only time will record his presence,
Only space will separate the past from the future.

Posted by Kathryn Edmonds at 4:08 PM
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