The Stone Institute

As the Angels Came

As the Escort of the Angels came,
My Eyes were Opened to Another Consciousness.
Hold my Hand just One More Time,
As you did when I was a little boy.
We Cannot go Back to that Time of Rescue.
My Liberation came as you Opened Your Heart.
Only the Sacred knew Your Thoughts for Me.
The Joy in my Fragile and Lonely Soul
Came from the Reflection of Your Unconditional Love.
The Sun Always Shined in your Presence,
Even on the Cold and Cloudy Days.
The Past Prisons of an Empty Life,
Were Transformed by Your Caring Touch.
As I Watched you From Close Quarters,
You Seemed to Understand and Live a Holy Simple Truth.
Never a Time did you Lose who You Were.
Each Child had Different Needs.
Our Revolts of our Destinies Came at Different Times.
You Envisioned and Accepted our Fates One by One.
Watching us Struggle through the Battles of Everyday Life,
You were Able to See What we Couldn’t.
Your Hands Expressed what Your Words Could Not,
Allowing us to Grow Within and Without.
As the Ravages of Age Crept into your Body,
You Stayed Your Course to Help Us on our Journeys.
Did you ever Wonder Why?
Perhaps you Knew that it Didn’t Matter After All.
As the Escort of the Angels came
My Eyes were Opened to Another Consciousness.
I Held the Hands of My Children One More Time.
They will Remember what I Remember.
Thank You for Helping Me to Remember.
As your Spirit Travels to a Place of Rest and Happiness,
Our Flesh will Deliver your Words and Deeds Again.
We Love You, Our Beautiful Grandma.
Let the Divine Behold Your Perfection as We Have Forever.
Kevin S. “Kiki” Merigian © 27 February 2002
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