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Terror is a Terrible Game.
It Manifests in Different Essences.
Greed is the Terror of Not Having Enough.
Jealousy is the Terror of Losing Control.
Guilt is the Terror of Not Measuring Up.
Gluttony is the Terror of Starvation.
Fear Provokes the Irrational Mind;
That Consciousness that Flees from Logic.
It finds safe Harbor in Irrational Thinking.
The Self Abandons all that is Sacred.
The Soul Cries Out for Another Circumstance.
The Spirit Dulls to the Joys of Breathing.
Chaos becomes Commonplace.
Relationships Disintegrate.
Each Battle seems Unnecessary.
Every Victory is Hollow.
The Sunshine is Dull and Discouraging.
The Night is Unsafe.
Darkness is Filled with the Ghouls of the Dead.
The Past is Forgotten.
The Future is Lost.
People who Love those who are Terrorized Suffer in Agony.
There are no Remedies for the Wretched.
Their Misery grows without Nourishment.

When the Archangel Comes, Terror is Absolved.
The Deep Profound Voice of Simplicity Returns.
Dark Gray Storm Clouds Clear from the Skies.
The Rain of Tears Cease Flowing.
His Sword Smites Terror in All of its Forms.
As Their Fragile Frames Hold them Up,
They Walk carefully Amongst the Healed.
He will Leave to Resurrect Another.
Someone Who is Deeply Trapped in the Caves of Despair and Sorrow.
And They will Again Return to Their Destiny.
Their Individual Path will lead to Their personal Happiness.

And He will Continue to Find His.

Kevin S. "Kiki" Merigian © March 2016
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