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Alive Again

Alive Again


Large Tears fell from the Sky.

Puddles of Pain and Agony pooled,

As the Dark Clouds of Dread

Continued to Move into her Head.

She Thought Sad about Her Past,

Trapped by her Present,

Worried about Her Future.


Unkind Thunderous Voices Echoed every Day.

No One Cared about Her Childhood.

No One Praised her for Her Motherhood.

No One Approved of Her Dreams.

She walked the Right Hand Path

Until the Journey became too Miserable.

No one and Nothing felt Suited.


A Tarot Card came in the Winter Dispatch.

A Devil Card Showed his Face on Christmas Eve.

She prayed the Prayers of Thousands of Women

Bound by the Tyranny of Tradition and Misogyny.

A Golden Brick Road emerged: the Left Hand Path.

A Goddess guided Her to the Edge of a Non-traditional Consciousness.

As She took One Step Forward, She Realized she Couldn't go Back.


She Tried to Live the Illusion of a Dignified Life,

And It almost Destroyed Her Soul.

The Web of Oppression and Cruelty within It almost

Destroyed Her Spirit.

Now Sunshine and Fairy Songs Rule her World.

Kindness Caresses her to Sleep at Night.

The Past will not Foretell her Future.


The Divine holds her Close to the Breast of Humanness.

She is Alive Again.


Kevin S. "Kiki" Merigian © August 2016

Posted by Kevin Merigian at 12:36 PM
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