The Stone Institute

A Treasure of Love

I listened to the dancing of the rain drops.
It seemed as if they frolicked to a soothing melody.
Your touch is the rain for which my spirit thirsts.
Your gift of warmth was kind.
Magic filled the air.
Passion’s fire burned deep in my chest.
I found the heat from your love dry the wetness of my tears.
The flickering candlelight created shadows of pleasure.
Each boundary that our bodies created was blended by our souls.
There was no beginning or end to our skin as we touched each other
The cool crisp air sauntered across my face.
The night’s mysteries of the flesh brought gifts of infinite ecstasy
Illusions of the place to which I returned,
Brought your love back to my mine.
I miss your loving touch.
Why do we see true color when we loose our vision?
A treasure of love awaits your return.

Posted by Kathryn Edmonds at 2:13 PM
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