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A New Path

A New Path

As I came to a New Path today,
I found the Trail I so long ago recognized.
The Air was Familiar, the Breeze subtle upon my Skin.
Each Plant, each Stem, each Leaf, each Tree, each Blade of Grass.
The Demons that imprison my Personal World of Illusion returned.
This Iteration is always the Same, only New Characters arrive...
Find the one Feature of my life that I have not thought of.

You may Leave if that is what you Desire.
I will not Fight for an Unnatural Fit.
The Woman who you cannot Be but Claim to Be.
The Ground Beneath my feet Rumble as You Claim Victimhood.
The solid Earth is only an Illusion anyway, Like all Else.
As the Stars in the Heavens constantly change, I discover only those who are Afraid.
The Inner-Self is Unsheltered by those past ungrateful acts that Haunts us.
We are entrapped by the other World we deeply Buried in the Wreckage of the Past.

Find that which is You Believe and Live by those Rituals.
Do not Attach to Tribal Belief, for the Fairness of Life does not exist there.
Keep an Eye on the Road and Anyone who might join you.
For every Step holds a Blessing of yet another Day.
Breathe deeply, Walk softly and Sing quietly.

Kevin S. "Kiki" Merigian© June 2015
Posted by Kevin Merigian at 11:23 AM
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