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A maiden has arisen

A maiden has arisen from the remote mists of my Love challenged mind.
She was known to me once in my adolescent world.
Steps of the journey home bring back the Light of fallen ages.
Hot summer days fermented our Love as we walked by rushing streams.
The amphitheater of fallen trees provided us the stage to act out our future.
The cool showers of naiveté refreshed the air.
Multiple shadows from the carefully reconstructed illusion cover my skin,
As I bask in the memories that didn’t really happen.
I am shielded from the depression of another lost connection.
Soft was her voice as she reintroduced herself again.
There are five languages of Love.
Only words were spoken this time around.
No thoughts of real importance or commitment.
She still cannot see herself in the mirror.
She knows not who she is.
The truth bears no mercy for the Spirit.
Others see her for whom she is not.
Her journey will continue until she no longer cares.
One day I hope the Sunshine will return to her.
The dreams of today are the same as the dreams of yesterday.
It is but Fantasy that only matters, dreams are for sleep.

Kevin S. “Kiki” Merigian © 2005

Posted by Kathryn Edmonds at 10:00 AM
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