The Stone Institute

A Long Time Ago

She wondered into my world,
Not intending to stay.
She visited awhile and
Found my pain.
I turned to her more
Than anyone in my past.
She became the most
Beautiful part of my tortured life.
At night, I dreamed of her love.
I watched her sleep and
With each breath,
I hoped that I would not awaken.
Even though I could not touch her,
Her scent filled my fantasy.
Her dark brown eyes penetrated
Deep into my spirit.
The ice melted as she smiled, and
Her warmth lit the fire that went out
A long time ago.
Every emotional healer risks
More than anyone.
Once the raw anguish is dull,
The cruelty feels different.
Hurting but without the pain.
Every now and then
I realize the abuse is not dead.
The healer’s love is never spared.
It’s unfair to punish the pure in heart.
I remember when she said “Hello.”
I remember when she laughed.
Watching the lightening strike
On a warm summer’s night.
I still wonder about.
Finding yourself hurts more
Than not knowing who
Or what you are.
Acknowledging the truth never
Lets you run or hide.
As I contemplate her love,
I realize that she knows only
What I reflect.
When I look in the mirror,
My image is blurred.

But I see her sharply.
She is a woman.
Her skin is brown and soft,
Delicately covering her breasts,
Fitting tight to her lovely frame.
Her radiant smile is flanked by
Beautify dark brown hair.
She only wants what I can’t give.
Time heals but waits for no one.
When painful reality becomes
Haunting ghosts of the past,
Memories of the way things were frequently fill the voids.
Past unresolved conflicts are the
Battlegrounds for the present.
Spiritual connections cannot occur
Between the blind and the sighted.
Those with vision live with the
Suffering of reality.
Those who are blind sleep at night.

Even though I cannot touch her,
Her scent fills my fantasy.
Her dark brown eyes penetrate
Deep into my spirit.
The ice melts as she smiles, and
Her warmth lights the fire that went out...

A long time ago.

Kevin S. “Kiki” Merigian © 28 May 2012

Posted by Kathryn Edmonds at 9:55 AM
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