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A Future of a Peaceful Journey

A Future of a Peaceful Journey


When the Devil Started building the Gallows,

What distracted Her from the signs?

Satan's workers Came and Went every Day.

She was Blind that Many served as a jury for her thoughts.

He sentenced Her to a Prison of Guilt.

In His vision, each act of kindness was dishonorable,

So he Acted Ruthlessly to her.

Every word He Uttered Cut into her Life, wounding Her Soul.

Her Failure to Unshackle Herself was a Crime against Her.

Unrelenting Emotional Abuse infused the Agony of Reality.

Lucifer had Many Secrets.

He made Frequent Trips to the Carefully Guarded Vault of Adultery.

He Never thought He would be Caught.

Every time He looked at Her or Her Daughter, His Guilt came Alive.

He sentenced Her to a Prison of Shame.

Pushed to the Margins of Isolation, She was Forced to Give up Her Belongings.

Those who Would acted like Him became His most Devote Disciples.

Each  One Afraid of Exclusion and Shame.

So they Built the Walls to Close Her In,

As He Ordered the Construction of the Gallows.

His Minions Hung the Rope and Tied the Noose.

As it was Placed around Her neck,

She felt Nothing but Emptiness.

The Sun rose one Morning and She saw Her Shadow.

She Witnessed the Pain and Suffering in that Dark Image.

As She Unraveled the Knot and Removed the Noose,

Her Execution was Stayed.

Shame Imprisons those who Are on the Wanted List of Obedience.

Angry Fire Burned off the Shrouds of Shame and Guilt that Covered Her.

His Jury-of-Friends had No Impact Now.

She had no True Friends.

They were all Lost Trying to Find their Salvation.

The Prison Walls have Crumbled.

Satan Continues to Try to Create Guilt and Shame,

But He can’t Find Another Wife to Take Her Place.

Only the Distance of Time Makes Her Past less Haunting,

And the Love of the Magician who Adores her Soul.


From the Ashes comes Her Future Filled with a Peaceful Journey.


 Kevin S. “Kiki” Merigian© March 2017

Posted by Kevin Merigian at 11:19 AM
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