The Stone Institute

A Citizen

The Sun rises to greet a newborn day.
Horus is an everlasting unfailing light.
Nut gave birth to the Sun.
A virgin birth.
A watchman cautions against traveling to the North.
Especially to those Beings married to Society’s institutions.
Especially to those who are Blind in the midst of conventional tradition.
East, South, West is okay, but not the North.
Only those who travel the Left Hand Path go to the North.
They are unafraid of the Monolith.
The social religions that remove an individual’s humanness.
They are unafraid of the Demons that lurk in the Shadow lands.
Seemingly mystical occurrences that connect
The weak and the strong,
The foolish and the wise,
The criminal and the saint,
The debauched and the innocent.
As they make their way to the edge of the Canyon of Death,
They express their courage of life.
It is the faith in their experience that reveals the Universal Divine.
They are Citizens in the Kingdom of God, not subjects or servants.
On day 15, the Moon is full again.

Nut gave a virgin birth to the Sun.
A watchman cautions against traveling to the North.
Take the Hero’s journey: Go North.
It is the one illuminated by the Moonlight.
Come back and live your amazing story,
As a Citizen not a Subject or a Servant.

Kevin S. “Kiki” Merigian © 28 May 2012

Posted by Kathryn Edmonds at 9:51 AM
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