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A better tomorrow

In 1963, I awoke in a land of new beginnings.
Shy and frightened.
How could each shadow have another shadow?
Darkness came with each sun rise.
Darkness came with each sunset.
You cannot escape the past by leaping into the future.
Was he with me in my lives before?
How could I know?
He was a kind and gentle man.
He walked in a fog of mystery.
He had answers to my difficult questions.
He lived a life that taught him well.
He could see through my fragile vessel’s defenses.
He was careful not to break the glass.
He taught me how to live a genuine life.
But I had to show up and watch him closely.
He was always sincere and sympathetic.
But he knew how to laugh and make me laugh.
He helped me when I needed a hand.
But he would not intrude or disrupt.
Who was this man who helped me stand?
I did not know him well.
Who was this man who gave me strength?
I did not know him well.
Who was this man who encouraged me?
I did not know him well.
He walked in a fog of mystery.

I awake now in a lonely season.
Open and unsure.
I am distant but close to his heart.
I lit candles.
I prayed for Peace.
I watched the Angels come.
How could each embrace leave with another loss?
We benefited from his wisdom.
Our souls were lifted by his compassion.
We succeeded with his assistance.
We were bettered because of him.
Hail those who felt his smile.
Let our hearts melt with his into one drop of Love.
Sophia, anoint each of us with it.
Let our ancestors celebrate his homecoming.
Let God rejoice in his perfection.
He will awaken in a better tomorrow.
He will awaken in a better place.

Thank you.
I love and cherish you Uncle Peter, Always.

Kevin S. “Kiki” Merigian © 10 March 2010

Posted by Kathryn Edmonds at 9:27 AM
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