The Stone Institute

17 seconds

Each Journey begins in some direction.
Sometimes it starts on a humble trail;
An insignificant path leading to another insignificant path.
Occasionally people walk beside us.
Now and again they people pass in opposite directions.
A calm river twists and turns through desolate humanness.
It’s Mother Nature’s futile effort to bring fertility to the Valley of Death.
From the time of our birth, the Ego is driven to self destruct.
The Soul cannot be free if the Ego remains strong and vibrant.
Our essential happiness should not source in another’s gratification.
Past and present conditional relationships build a Prison of expectation.
The Collective Ego of Society forces man to accept his assigned social destiny.
These Cages cannot be opened or closed.
Escape is impossible if their illusions are germinated and nurtured
In the Garden of Human Corruption.

Perceptions ebb and flow within our personal worlds.
The Angel stands on the Sphere of Osiris.
Matter has ambition to be the foundation of Creation.
Lie Down with the Divine Child.
Do not celebrate busyness.
It is a ritualistic sacrifice to each other’s greed of time or money.
Today we can be authentic.
Choose not to return to failed past investments.
Ill dignified Egos live a mechanical consumptive existence.
Find the changes that lead to adventure.
Undress the Soul.
Walk naked in the Forest of Judgment.
Let the inside out instead of the outside in.
Walk slowly in your mystery.

All of us are 17 seconds from anywhere.
All of us are 17 seconds from nowhere.
When you witness your Divine Child, protect her.
Follow her to your next 17 seconds.
And the next,
And the next,
And the next…….

Kevin S. “Kiki” Merigian © 19 February 2012

Posted by Kathryn Edmonds at 9:06 AM
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