The Stone Institute

Only God Knows

Take away the Gusts of Wind. Let things Settle Before the Dawn. Keep Reverence for Humankind. Altars come in Various Sizes. Countless Emotions Demand Countless Gods. Many Evils Demand Many Demons. Two Thousand-Year-Old Cosmology Does not Apply to Anyone in the Modern Era. Eye for an Eye, Life for a Life has Died. Not Living is Worse than Death. The Concept of One God Fades Quietly. Man’s Appetite requires Many to Emerge. Fresh Idols of Food, Drink,... Read More
at Wednesday, April 10, 2019
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Nature's Order

Firm Words dropped from the Sky. There is no Shelter. Blasts Shatter the Innocence of Silence. Shrapnel buries Deep Beneath the Skin. One cannot Escape the Chaos. Toughness cannot be Acquired. Valkyrie Circle the Battlefield. Few are Worthy of Valhalla. To Desire Peace is not a Sin. To Desire Order is not a Sin. Abandoning the Desire for Peace is Sinful. Abandoning the Desire for Order is Sinful. Nature’s Order is Chaotic. Man’s Order is... Read More
at Tuesday, April 2, 2019
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