The Stone Institute


The Battle Continues. Take Hold of Your Words. Sacred Vows hold Through Earthquakes. Some Bonds cannot be Broken. Time does not Heal Emotional Unrest. Good Deeds seldom Scrape off the Scabs. Golden Gifts seer The Heart with Doubt. Worthiness is Replaced with Worthlessness. Ego Transforms into a Shadow of Vice. A Soldier for the Dark Side Emerges. A Mission to Right a Wrong, That was Never Wrong.   Malicious Spirits come in Many Silhouettes. They... Read More
at Tuesday, January 29, 2019
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Chocolate is Familiar. It Melts. Happiness is Familiar. It’s Fleeting. Joy is Familiar. It’s Eternal. Your Smile is Familiar. It Rejuvenates. Your Scent is Familiar. It Revives. Your Touch is Familiar. It Soothes. Your Gentleness is Familiar. It Restores. Your Nurturing is Familiar. It Adorns.   Chocolate is Familiar. It’s Common. Your Love Is Extraordinary. It’s Infinite.     Kevin S.... Read More
at Tuesday, January 22, 2019
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Lasts Forever

Today is Not a Simple Day. Neither is Tomorrow. Eventually Yesterdays come to an End. Ultimately There will be No Tomorrows. Today may One Day be Legendary. Add up Every Today in a Lifetime. The Sum does not Guarantee Tomorrow. Subtract every Yesterday in a Lifetime. History will still Repeat Itself. A Simple Easy Breath. A Steady Heartbeat. A Modest Shelter. A Nourishing Meal. A Loving Embrace. A Dream to Enjoy. A Purpose to Live For.   ... Read More
at Tuesday, January 15, 2019
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