The Stone Institute

One Father

God Doesn’t Live Here.   Is this Church Empty? The Choir Sings. Anticipate the Good Word. Is there Reverence? In the Pulpit the Pastor Forecasts the Failure of the Human Condition. Sinners Attend Sunday Services. Judgement is Rendered.   How Good Do We have to Be? Hell is Right Around the Corner. Seek and You Shall Find. Lend a Hand to your Neighbor. But Only if he has a Hand That can give you Something in Return. Loan Money to the... Read More
at Wednesday, April 18, 2018
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Walk Away

Walk Away   Is that True? I did not Know. What happened, Happened. Can you Find the Proof? What Proof? The Proof that it Happened. I Destroyed the Proof. Therefore, It Never Happened.   It Happened. Where is the Foot Print? Who wore the Shoes? I Destroyed the Shoes. There is still a Foot Print. You cannot Hide what Cannot be Seen.   Your Wealth will not Matter. Your Ego will not Matter. Your Lawyers will not Matter. ... Read More
at Tuesday, April 10, 2018
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