The Stone Institute


Lonely?   A Mysterious Voice Comes in the Night. Soft whispers of Agony. She is Frightened, Crying, and Hurting. Weak with despair. No one Knows her Pain.   A Solo Flight of a Swan is Lonely, A Duckling with no Mother is Alone. A Tree whose Leaves Have Fallen is Lonely, A Flower with no Sunlight is Alone.   A Vacant Home is Lonely, A Child without Parents is Alone. A Church without a Congregation is Lonely, A Priest without God is... Read More
at Thursday, February 22, 2018
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Life on Life

Life on Life. Predator – Prey Reality. Earthly rules that Govern. What we Advertise, we must Endure. Water flows Freely, acquiescing to its Boundaries. Vessels are Seldom Judged. Creativity streams Between Pain and Survivorship. Imagination fertilizes the Human Experience in all Iterations. Doves offer Hope. Jungles offer Fear. The Impersonal may become Personal. Love will Light your Way. The Wolf Will Eat the Dog.   Kevin S.... Read More
at Tuesday, February 13, 2018
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Death Has No Soul

Death Has No Soul   Sunshine Appears. Clouds Part. Chickadees Forage. Squirrels Dance. Morsels of Pain Disappear. The Struggle Ends.   An Essence Begins to Rot. Putrid Odors Permeate the Breeze. Death has No Soul. Freezing Cold Preserves the Carcass. One by One They Arrive. Each with a Seat at the Table.   As more Arrive, Order is Sacrificed. There is no Mercy. A Living Blanket of Black Feathers. No King or Queen. No... Read More
at Tuesday, February 6, 2018
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