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Be Their Last

Be Their Last   Have you Ever tried to Walk as Far Away from Love as Possible? You can Never Reach a State-Of-Mind Far enough Away to be Safe. Ours is Both a Familiar and Unfamiliar Destiny. In every Iteration, there is a Different Charity. In every Echo, there is a Different Voice. Standing in the Densest Crowd We Dream alone, All Alone. Our Heart’s best Wishes have long been Reduced to Ash. There is No Chance of finding Just a Sliver of Our lost Ribs.... Read More
Posted by Kevin Merigian at Tuesday, January 31, 2017
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Walk near the shore

Near the shore   Walk Near the Shore. Watch the Birds Run as the Waves Arrive. People Run Too. Some are Afraid of getting Wet. Sometimes the Waters of Love are Cold and Insensitive. Watch the Crabs dig in the Sand. Holes become their Protection as the Waves Leave. People Dig Too. Some are Afraid of Being seen Naked. They think They are Ugly. Watch the Empty shells come Ashore. A Couple floats Ashore too. They find Their Shell of Life Empty. ... Read More
Posted by Kevin Merigian at Tuesday, January 24, 2017
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Return To The Beginning

Return To The Beginning The Infinite Thrives in the Vastness of the Finite. Oscillations are Constant in our Inconsistent World. Unity of the Spirit and the Physical challenges Our Vitality. One Side leads to Another. The Moebius Strip wanes in the Gentle Breezes of Life. Separation lasts Only a Second as Time Vanishes. Love creates an Everlasting Bond between the Receptive and the Creative. We all Arrive at the End. We all Return to the Beginning.   ... Read More
Posted by Kevin Merigian at Tuesday, January 17, 2017
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