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Then Her Life Will Begin

Leave me Alone for I am Confused . These words Pounded Holes in her Walls of Defense. She Could not Find Herself in the Morass of Opinions about Her Life. No One was Worried Her, They were Worried about Themselves. Advice Streamed from Their Lips, As If they Gave a Damn about Her Life. They Did Not.   She Had Stumbled off the Right Hand Path. It was Supposed to Be that Way. She No Longer Worshiped Money or Prestige. She could not Reconcile the... Read More
at Tuesday, June 28, 2016
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How Many Times have we Followed a Path That Lead us to a Place of Pain and Suffering? We were not Forced to Make the Choice, It just Happened Because They were a Stranger. Strangers come with Many Faces. All Shapes and Sizes. Big and Tall, Wide and Short, Weak and Strong, Friend or Foe Educated and Ignorant, Helpful and Harmful, Religious and Atheistic, Gifted and Disturbed. The List goes on Forever.   When do You Really Know a Stranger? Is it When They... Read More
at Tuesday, June 21, 2016
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As the Angels Came

As the Escort of the Angels came, My Eyes were Opened to Another Consciousness. Hold my Hand just One More Time, As you did when I was a little boy. We Cannot go Back to that Time of Rescue. My Liberation came as you Opened Your Heart. Only the Sacred knew Your Thoughts for Me.   The Joy in my Fragile and Lonely Soul Came from the Reflection of Your Unconditional Love. The Sun Always Shined in your Presence, Even on the Cold and Cloudy Days. The Past... Read More
at Tuesday, June 14, 2016
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