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I am readying my work for my first solo show at Gallery Ouroboros on 21 April 2016. It has been a long journey, a fantasy to build and show my art in my own gallery. What has been harder for me is to accept that I am an artist with a voice. Harder yet, was understanding that I needed to share what I created with a diverse and sophisticated audience. I share the following thoughts that have percolated into my consciousness. Or, perhaps Genius has once again tapped into my receptivity. These... Read More
at Tuesday, April 12, 2016
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Hanging From a Cliff

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at Thursday, April 7, 2016
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Should You

Should You The Archangel stood High on a Mountain Top. His Voice Bellowed Loudly to the Crowd Below: Fear not Who Each of You are. There are More Worldviews than Grains of Sands. Women weep When they Cannot Bear Children. Men Fight When They do not Agree. Children Grow Regardless of Their Circumstance. You Cannot Change that Which Cannot be Changed. Should is not a Word that Applies to Your Lives. Go and Live Freely. Find your Truth and Live Within It. A Man called out to the Archangel: ... Read More
Posted by Kevin Merigian at Tuesday, April 5, 2016
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