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She Suffers No More

She Suffers No More So you think you can handle the Stress? To what God do you pray for aid? All of the trees leaves fall while shaking in the strongest winds, Regardless of their desire to stay and enjoy the sunlight. As two Great male Buffalos fight, They give little thought to the innocent Grass that suffers below. The Grizzly Bear pays no attention to The desires of the Salmon swimming upstream to spawn. A magnificent Eagle's talons tightly holds its prey. She does not wonder about The... Read More
Posted by Kevin Merigian at Tuesday, May 26, 2015
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Swim In The Deep

Swim In The Deep A random encounter with a beautiful woman. She is the luxury all men crave. Her walk is Seductively Lyrical. Her gown adorns and accentuates Her curvaceous body. She is alone. She is never truly naked even When she is nude. Perhaps she is the Archetype of the fertility Goddess Reincarnated from some Ancient Time. She speaks of protecting the innocent. But we are all innocent in her presence. She cannot Hunt. She will not eat Flesh. She denies her Connection to Nature. She... Read More
Posted by Kevin Merigian at Tuesday, May 19, 2015
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Light of Self

Light of Self The She was Shackled as she Walked With delusion in her Heart. Her bones ached as she Wondered through the Thorns of Life. She laid down at Night Afraid to Awaken in the Morning. The same Agony Over and Over again. The same Iteration of Sorrow Followed her. Why? Chaos and Order exist in the Same Life. Order is a subset of Chaos. Pick up the Shackles, Walk to the Anvil. Stoke the Fire within. Hold the Hammer tight and steady. Use the Chisel to Break the Chains. Leave the Shackles... Read More
Posted by Kevin Merigian at Tuesday, May 12, 2015
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