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made by the holy

Made By The Holy   Abundance leaves Us over Satiated. Cut Away that which Lingers. Reinforce the Walls of Consciousness. Moments of Physical Forms Follow the Divine Patterns. Clouds will Signal an Unseen Element             Requiring Pruning. Dimensions are Made by the Holy.   Kevin S. Merigian © May 2008, edited 2017 Read More
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The Star

The Star   The Night is Lit with Stars. Planets shine Brightly too. Pick a Star. Are you a Prisoner of the Moment?   Land belongs to People. Cars belong to People. Trees belong to People. Money belongs to People.   When Man claims Stars, Does he Own the Universe Too? Can Man own Something Without Destroying it?   Sit beneath the Redwood Tree. The Shade will Protect you. Rain is Welcome when it's Dry. The... Read More
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Let The Drought Begin

Let The Drought Begin   Sit a Minute. Watch the Rain Fall. The Dark Clouds Sob. Millions of Drops. Billions of Drops Accumulate To Form Puddles. Millions of Puddles Accumulate To Form Creeks. Millions of Creeks Accumulate To Form Rivers. Thousands of Rivers Accumulate To Flood the Lowlands.   Floods Displace Nature. Death by Water followed By Life by Water. Oil and Water Catastrophes Do Not Mix. It is Not a God. It is Not... Read More
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