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Love Knows What Love Knows

Love Knows What Love Knows.                   Think of Those Delightful Thoughts. Journeys to Foreign Lands. Places where I Dream to Be. The Tranquility of the Season of Giving. Lay Down Next to the Beast. Hold the Flame of Forgiveness. Release the Fears of the Past. Pave the Way for Notions of Another Realm.   Let Tenderness guide Me. Let Openness Show Me. Let... Read More
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Harmony Is Complicated

Harmony Is Complicated On or Off. Right or Wrong. Good or Bad. Weak or Strong. Happy or Sad. Short or Long. Black or White. Fresh or Spoiled. Old or Young. Kind or Cruel. Binary Choices. Narrow Worldviews. Limitations of a Human Mind. Linearity gives way to Righteousness. Only the Righteous project Evil.   Shades of Gray. Same Source Equations. The Origin of All. Iterations are not Changes. Gain without Loss? Loss... Read More
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Let It Be

Let It Be   Quiet. Listen. Stop for a Moment. Let your Mind Breath. Your Thoughts are Undeniable. The Message Rings True in the Jungle.   Quiet. Listen. Silence. My Mind Breathes Again. Although Time Passes Quickly, Nothing has Changed.   Let it Be.   Kevin S. "Kiki" Merigian ©November 2017 Read More
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